Saturday, June 24, 2017

Indian Subcontinent @ Dell EMC

~~~ Guest Post by Ryan Lusvardi & Srivathsan Ananthachari ~~~

Dell EMC values diversity and inclusion and started the Indian Subcontinent resource group many years ago at the EMC headquarters in Hopkinton, Massachusetts. Several of us worked together to establish a local chapter of this circle in Utah in August of 2016.

Mission & Goals
  •          Celebrate the cultures of India, Pakistan, and Nepal
  •          Help build team members skills through professional development
  •          Give back to the community

Recent Activities

Kick Off Event – Aug 2016
In August of 2016, we started the circle by celebrating India’s Independence Day at the two Dell EMC facilities in Utah. Members of the board dressed in traditional clothing and served Indian snacks to local team members.

Prashanth, Srivathsan, Ryan, Gaurav and his wife Anamika

Kelly, Srath, and Tim

Hands on Training Competition – February 2017
In February we held the first hands on training competition at the Utah Vista facility in our hands on training room which houses several pieces of Dell EMC hardware. For this competition we set up a task that required teams to troubleshoot a disk failure on a Dell EMC XtremIO storage array. Each team was provided a list of instructions and given a few minutes to plan on how to execute the task. The team that was able to complete the task in the shortest amount of time was our winner.

Potluck – March 2017
In March we held a Potluck event to share some traditional food from India and Pakistan with each other.

Traditional Indian and Pakistani potluck


Cricket Team – Spring 2017 
This spring we organized a cricket team consisting of several of the resource group members. 
The Dell EMC cricket team (Pipe Hitters XI) in the UT COE is officially live. The team plays in the Utah Premier League. We are the underdog with this being our debut performance and many seasoned teams participating in the tournament.

As I write this article, we are down 2-0, but definitely having fun and getting better in our performance.  We have 3 more league matches to go and hopefully, with some practice, we would be able to put up a good fight in the coming matches - It ain’t over till it’s over!!
Go team!!!

Cricket team photo - Abhiram Guvvala, Jason Pierce, Harsha Nagendra, Rakesh Vodayana, Devarajan Palanisamy, Mithun Mhatre, Gaurav Rastogi, 
Jignesh (non-Dell EMC), Srivathsan, Usman (Non-Dell EMC), Noman (Non-Dell EMC), Mirza Hassan

We look forward to many more activities to bring our resource group closer together and to celebrate the cultures of the diverse team members that work at Dell EMC.

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Planet Utah @ Dell EMC

~~~ Guest Post by Jenny Gettelman ~~~

It’s not hard to believe that a lot of Utahans feel that our state’s spectacular National Parks, greatest snow on earth and breath-taking mountain scenery are out of this word. At Dell EMC, we agree!  That’s why in April, we set out to form a new chapter of an Employee Resource Group (ERG) called Planet Utah

Our Mission:  To be environmental stewards that work toward fostering a sustainable future. We work to engage our team members, area businesses and community leaders to make our community a clean and safe place to live and work for this and future generations.         

Shortly after forming, Planet Utah got right to work organizing trash pick-up events at the Dell EMC Lone Peak and Vista Station offices to celebrate Earth Week. During trash pick-up at the Lone Peak office, folks that participated noticed a large number of cigarette butts that were being left on the ground. To help combat this litter issue, Planet Utah is now looking into a cigarette waste recycling program that does the following:
  1. The collected material is first sterilized using gamma radiation, which removes toxins or bio-contaminants.
  2. The material is then shredded and the remaining tobacco and paper remnants are composted.
  3. The shredded filters are blended with other recycled materials collected by TerraCycle and pelletized. 
  4. The resultant plastic pellets can be used in wide variety of industrial applications including the creation of plastic shipping pallets.

Trash pick up participants

Community Engagement

Jordan River Trail:
In May, Planet Utah was invited to join 25+ Mozy team members on a Jordan River Trail clean up. Their goal was to eradicate a non-native thistle weed from an area close to the Vista Station office. The Jordan River Trail offers over 40 miles of pedestrian and equestrian trails, picnic areas, canoe launches and is a great urban park.
Kenzie and David getting to work
Tyler with the biggest thistle
Working hard
Jordan River Trail volunteer group

Loveland Living Planet Aquarium:
During Earth Week, Planet Utah partnered with the Loveland Living Planet Aquarium to host lunch ‘n learns around the topic of Ocean Plastics. Plastic now accounts for 90 percent of the trash floating on the ocean surface. Dell EMC recently announced they are taking a leading role in keeping plastics out of the ocean by using packaging materials made entirely from recycled content, including ocean plastics. The initial goal is to keep 16,000 pounds of plastic out of the ocean this year, scaling to 20,000 next year. This is a great example of how Dell and a local business can partner to educate people on an issue we are both passionate about.

Special guest from the Loveland Planet Aquarium

As Planet Utah works to grow our membership, we look forward to boosting recycling programs, partnering with UCAIR to improve air quality and working with other ERG’s to make them more sustainable. We are proud that our recently dedicated Vista Station office building attained LEED Silver certification for the sustainable approach to the way building was designed, constructed and operated. Planet Utah members feel fortunate that our leadership cares about issues of sustainability and environmental protection ensuring Utah is a great place to live and work.