Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Dell Nashville

First Oklahoma City and now Nashville . . . I'm getting some great exposure to large non-HQ locations for our new combined company. And they have been impressive! The Nashville team is a powerhouse with a great history. Just like OKC, they have their own cool Dell Nashville overview video. At one point in time, Nashville had many different business units, but it is now largely a sales operation. That said, the diversity of the sales teams and functions is huge. They support sales for everything we make, both large and small to just about every customer that might buy it, both large and small. One of the big historical functions is still performed in Nashville, but by a partner: GENCO, which will soon be rebranded to FedEx Supply Chain. Here are a few other takeaways about Dell Nashville:

  • Easy access - The office is just minutes from the airport and major roadways. It isn't in the thick of downtown, but it isn't far away either. The facility address is 1 Dell Parkway 😊 
  • Welcoming facilities - The building isn't brand new, but it is in great shape. And since it has been there for a while it is surrounded by beautiful trees, including some mature magnolias that were in bloom. The Customer Solutions Center was particularly engaging and impressive. 
  • Large, diverse population - There are a lot of cool people working in a variety of functions. Our strong Employee Resource Groups (ERG) are further example of the spirit of diversity & inclusion that exist there (Pride, Black Networking Alliance, Women in Action, Veterans, GenNext, etc.). 
  • Heavy involvement in the community - In addition to the ERG's, there is a committee to coordinate the many different ways that our Nashville team gives back. Some of the bigger partnerships are with Ronald McDonald House, YWCA, and Second Harvest Food Bank.
  • Strong local leadership - The governance model for the site includes a leadership team that meets on a regular basis as well as an extended team that includes leaders from the Employee Resource Groups. They all have regular “day jobs,” but are willing to devote time to site-wide programs that make Dell Nashville a Great Place to Work. To mention a few names . . . Eric, Carnell, Tom, Daniel, Susan, Jana, Megan, Angie, Julian, Orlando, Nikki, Amanda, & Andrea.
We already have the first person lined up to move from Utah to Tennessee! I couldn't be happier for everyone involved.

Great icon in the lobby to let you know where you are! 
In front of the Customer Solutions Center
Inside the Customer Solutions Center
Rack-sized gear in the training lab
Exciting event to educate internal teams on new Dell monitors
It wouldn't be an event in Nashville without some live music, right?
Leadership meeting with ERG teams
Tour of the configuration & distribution center
Awesome display for Dell Rugged gear (Note the laptops under each tire!)
Nashville Fitness Center - One of several great amenities

Monday, May 22, 2017

Cuba 2017

I recently had an opportunity to visit Cuba together with several government and business leaders from Utah. The trip was a "People-to-People" educational experience sponsored by the Salt Lake Chamber of Commerce and World Trade Center Utah. It was fascinating. I had a great opportunity to polish my Spanish language skills. More importantly, I gained perspectives on Cuba that were very different than what I previously believed to be true. Fidel Castro, Che Guevara & Camilo Cienfuegos are honored and revered by many for their efforts to return Cuba to the people. The Castro brothers have orchestrated a socialized approach to healthcare, education, housing for the last 60 years that has impacted many millions of people, not just in Cuba. There are more than two sides to the story, but here are a few tidbits to consider:

Regardless of what you believe to be true, Cuba is worth a closer look. And as the Castro period comes to an end and U.S. sanctions ease, it is poised for growth and even broader impact. Even now the government is allowing some foreign entities to operate in Cuba with majority ownership.

I am pleased that Dell Technologies has been involved in Cuba for several years. We helped the Finca Vigia Foundation digitize the Hemingway library. And we are currently exploring other ways to be engaged.

PS - It is important to note that local Cubans see things very differently than most Cuban Americans.
My wife & I at Revolution Plaza (Note Che Guevara on the building to the left and Camiilo Cienfuegos to the right)
No, this is not a car show . . . It is a taxi stop!
View of Havanna city and port 
A sculpture by Osmany Betancourt Falcon AKA "Lolo" 
High school music choir about to perform -- It was beautiful!
Entrance to Ernest Hemingway's home -- Finca Vigia
Inside Hemingway's home (Note the typewriter where he stood to work)
Hemingway's boat -- Pilar
View of Havanna city & port from the old Spanish fort
Old canon at the Spanish fort
Percussion & dance company performing a colorful blend of Afro-Cuban-Flamenco
Local supermarket -- Canned & frozen food, if you time it right
Bullet holes from the revolution at Batiste's Presidential Palace 
Batiste's office at his Presidential Palace
Vehicles of the revolution on display behind the Presidential Palace
Photo studio and chic restaurant in old Havanna
Me with Cuba Emprende incubator lead (center) and Dell EMC colleague Adam (left)
Inside the National Library (Note paper card catalogs and large bust of famed Jose Marti)
National Hotel overlooking the famous Malecón Esplanade and coast
Tobacco fields and drying barn in lush Vinales Valley
Tobacco farmer in the drying hut smoking one of his own
Mamão fruit (papaya) 
Cacao fruit
Green mangoes
Coffee beans
Spectacular farm-to-table organic meal in Vinales Valley
Looking across Vinales Valley
Sunset in a classic taxi along the Malecón roadway
Me with my wife & Adam outside the U.S. Embassy

Latino Connection @ Dell EMC

~~~ Guest Post by Jeff Griener ~~~
The Latino Connection resource group is one of the many diversity and inclusion organizations available for all Dell EMC team members.  The Utah Chapter of Latino Connection has 140 members. The Latino Connection Utah Chapter was the first Employee Circle/ERG at the Draper Utah COE.

Mission & Goals:
  • Provide a forum for Latin and interested Dell EMC professionals to network a vehicle for their opinions to be heard. Ensure programs and offerings represent their perspective and needs
  • Brand Dell EMC externally to the Latino Community via technology, education, enterprise & partner with external professional organizations
  • Drive Latino culture awareness throughout the company
  • Promote career development to Dell EMC's Latin community

Mission & Goals:

  • Increase Dell EMC membership and participation locally and in the field
  • Attract new talent to Dell EMC & Facilitate transition to new employees
Community Outreach:
  • Assist on building strong and vibrant communities, improving quality of life, and making a positive difference where we live and work
Professional Development:
  • Deliver programs and services that address Dell EMC specific needs
  • Develop a custom Road-map for Leadership Success at Dell EMC
Educational Outreach:
  • Reach out to the community to support specific educational needs, focusing on STEM initiatives among others

External Professional Organizations:
  • Promote Dell EMC's presence and involvement with Latino Professional external organizations

Recent Activities

The Utah Chapter of Latino Connection sponsors various activities and events throughout the year.

Blood Drives

Our, now bi-annual, American Red Cross Blood drives have been a tradition for us. In February of 2017 we held our Valentine’s Day blood drive at which our partners at the ARC collected a total of 50 pints of blood between our two Draper locations. Our next blood drive is scheduled for July 26, 2017.

Cinco de Mayo Salsa Challenge

In 2016 Latino Connection started a tradition of sponsoring a homemade salsa competition. The 2017 edition of the chips and salsa extravaganza held earlier this month was a great success!
Salsa, Pinata, and Prizes

Salsa challenge participants
Things are heating up!

Provo Festival Latino Americano

In September of 2016, Latino Connection – Utah volunteered and spent most of a day helping to setup for the annual three day Latino Americano Festival held in Provo, Utah.  Our efforts were greatly appreciated and we look forward to even more involvement in 2017.

Team members volunteering at Provo Festival Latino Americano

Salt Lake City Brazilian Festival

Another tradition of the Utah Chapter of Latino Connection is having a booth at the annual Brazilian Festival held in Salt Lake City.  It is a great recruiting event for us and a lively atmosphere.  Some years we have even participated in the Carnival Parade!

Representing Dell EMC in the Brazilian Festival parade
Manning a booth at the SLC Brazilian Festival

Zumbathon O.U.R. Rescue Fundraiser

In October of last year we had an opportunity to hold a fundraiser for a very worthy cause, O.U.R Rescue and have Utah Attorney General Sean Reyes speak to a large group of team members at the COE.  AG Reyes is a co-founder and active participant in the valiant efforts that this organization is involved in to rescue people (mostly children) from human trafficking rings around the world.

Team members

Zumbathon donations

Spanish and Portuguese Classes

The Utah Chapter of Latino Connection has traditionally offered beginning and intermediate Spanish and Portuguese classes to any team member who is interested.  We always have a great group of enthusiastic participants and a few ‘graduates’ each year as well.