Monday, November 14, 2016

STEM Mentor Exchange

The STEM Mentor Exchange is a mobile application designed to connect Utah educators with industry mentors & volunteers. It will be an important tool for developing a vibrant workforce to match Utah’s growing economy.

This is a volunteer effort by multiple industry partners to assist educators in preparing our kids for the future. I'm proud that much of the software development is being done by a team of engineers from Dell EMC, with support from the STEM Partners Foundation. We expect the mobile app to be released early 2017.

In addition to providing support to our children and their teachers, this tool will also provide data about the quantity & quality of efforts from companies like ours. There are so many good things going on already, but there hasn't been a consistent, transparent way to capture and share that information. I know the Governor's Office of Economic Development (GOED) is anxiously watching this effort. I envision opportunities in the future where state & local incentives for companies could be tied to performance measured through the STEM MX platform.

And, there's nothing to prevent this from being a platform for other states and even countries! Please join me and sign up today at!

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