Thursday, September 15, 2016

Thoughts on Dell EMC

Day 1 of Dell Technologies and Dell EMC has come and gone and we're happily living the reality of what has transpired. Here's what this means to me personally, right here in Utah:
  • Dell Family - It is more than a little interesting to think that I work for a privately-held family business. Of course, that's because the business happens to be the largest privately-held information technology company in the world! But the fact that it is owned in large part by Michael Dell himself and that he talks about the Dell Technologies portfolio of companies as a "family" is part of what what makes it so unique. It also is nice to have met with Michael and his wife here in Utah. They made me feel like part of the "family."
  • A series of fortunate events - I initially resisted EMC's offer to acquire Mozy. I selfishly wanted a bigger exit for myself personally. I didn't have some of the perspective and the patience that I have now. Looking back, I'm very glad that I saw the benefit for our little company and my team members. And fortunately, I have been thoroughly engaged and energized by the events over the last 9 years. Now, with the 11-month process of EMC's acquisition and subsequent combination with Dell behind us, I can say that I enthusiastically supported the decision all the way along that journey. And now I look forward to another engaging and energizing chapter in the journey. 
  • Diversity & inclusion - This is one of the things that I appreciated about EMC and now it is something which I also appreciate about Dell. Not only are the people themselves diverse, but the very business is diverse. From consumers and small businesses to the world's largest enterprises and governments. From software running in the Cloud to hardware sitting on your desk or in a data center. From Publicly-traded companies to privately-held companies. From R&D investments in organic growth to multi-billion dollar acquisitions. No matter how you slice it, Dell Technologies is a diverse & inclusive family. 
Cheers to all of my new brothers, sisters, cousins, etc.! 

Me at the recent #GoBigWinBig #DellTechnologies launch party

Friday, September 9, 2016

Salt Lake Corporate Games 2016

Our Dell EMC Utah team members recently finished another round of the Salt Lake County Corporate Games. As usual, it was amazing! Not only did we have fun, but we made a huge impact on the community. Here are some of the details . . .

76 other companies participated this summer. Dell EMC was in 20 events, with a total of 148 team members. Our events ranged from Trivia to Trap Shoot, and Softball to Scavenger Hunts.

The opening ceremonies had a 1980’s theme, so we used a team member's Golf hole from our recent Office Mini Golf Classic. The hole was based on Caddyshack, complete with a dancing gofer.

  • We won a total of 8 medals taking 5th Overall
  • We took 3rd overall in Most Volunteers
  • I'm most proud of receiving the Heart & Soul award for the 2nd year in a row, thanks to the generous contributions of our employees gave food, blood and money    
    • We raised a total of $6,160  
    • We donated 944 pounds of food to the Utah food bank, enough to provide 24,862 meals or feed 69 families of 4 for 1 month.
    • We also gave 127 units of blood, which is enough to save 381 lives

There are many benefits to participating in the Salt Lake Corporate Games:

  • Keeping our team members healthy & active 
  • Promoting team member morale & camaraderie
  • Providing a competitive, yet safe environment where we can encourage each other & work as a team
  • Brain or brawn, there is something for everyone . . . players, volunteers, spectators & cheerleaders are warmly welcomed
We're looking forward the Winter games and repeating it all again in 2017! Also, see my post about our 2015 participation

Our Heart & Soul Award!
Yes, we are all champions!
Setting up our Caddyshack booth
Lots of volunteers, including friends & family
Sea of Dell EMC blue at the start of one of the events
Our biggest fan & coordinator . . . Windie D!