Monday, August 1, 2016

Happy 5th Anniversary to EMC Utah!

5 years ago we hired the first wave of new EMC employees in Utah that were part of a concerted expansion effort designed to meet the needs of our growing business. While there had long been a sales and field service presence here, the focus to create what is now the Utah Center of Excellence has brought significant job growth, including multiple national and international relocations, and sustainable economic impact to the state and the company.

Following are a few highlights from this past year:
There have been lots of exciting events along the way, including the EMC Code Mars hackathon, our own winter games (foosball, table tennis, air hockey), a Car Show show, the Great Utah ShakeOut, EMC Student Star, and more. 

Over the last 5 years we've built some great partnerships in the community. Following are a few that we've focused a lot on this past year in particular. 
I'm excited about our newer partnerships, like the Salt Lake Chamber of Commerce, Beehive Startups and others. One of the ways we connect with each other internally and with our community partners externally is through our Employee Circles, namely:

  • Women's Leadership Forum (WLF)
  • Latin Leadership Interest Team (ELLIT)
  • Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Advocates (ELBGTA)
  • Veterans and Their Supporters (VeTS)
  • Indian Subcontinent (ISEC)
  • Tech Circle (Geeks)

These employee resource groups promote diversity and inclusion in addition to giving back to the community. Two of them are new this year (Geeks & ISEC) and the other four have all grown significantly over the 5 year period. The next 5 years will certainly be just as exciting as the first! Thanks to our customers, partners and EMC team members! And congratulations to the EMC Utah team for 5 years of excitement, growth and success! 

The small "shared" space in Pleasant Grove where it all started 5 years ago
On the bus for a field trip from Pleasant Grove to Draper to see our new office location in Fall 2011
Empty space under construction on Draper's Lone Peak Parkway in Fall 2011

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