Monday, July 18, 2016

Welcome to EMC Draper Vista Station!

We have officially moved in to our new building in Draper City's Vista Station business park! The early reviews from our team members are fantastic. Following are few highlights and pictures. Note that we're still occupying our current, leased building which is also in Draper on Lone Peak Parkway.

View from inside our lobby looking west toward the Oquirrh Mountains. eBay's parking lot is right across the street in the foreground and Rio Tinto's Kennecott mine is the the background. 
Our new cafeteria is managed by Sodexo and including a full grill and (my personal favorite) a full salad bar!
It is great to be so close to UTA's Frontrunner train station. We are literally the first building immediately south of the Draper station. It is also great that you can't even hear the train pass from inside the building. Same goes for the larger Union Pacific freight trains that also pass on occasion. 
One of our recently moved in managers is already hard at work in his new office. We need to get him a new computer to go with that shiny new office :) 
There are a variety of wall treatments and soft seating areas throughout the building. Note in this picture that the protective pads and runners from the movers are still in place. Like I said, we really just moved in. 
We have fun themes for our conference rooms and huddle rooms. Here's a view of the Star Wars area. 
This is our new bike locker! The sun and safety shading still needs to be added to the glass, but you get the idea. Bikes hang front wheel up from the little black arms you can see on each stand. 
We have a very nice "boardroom" for our customers, partners and other VIP guests to use. There is a nice video conference unit inside and a small lounge area right outside. 
When will fill up the current building we still have plenty of room left to build a 2nd or 3rd building. We own the raw land you can see in this picture, which is just south of us. We didn't even need to use it for parking.  
This is a partial view of our new Fitness Center which is managed by Premise Health. There are 2 shower rooms on the righthand side. 
Here's a look inside one of the shower / locker rooms connected to the Fitness Center. 
Everyone is also very excited about our new Hands-on Product Training Room. We will rotate different pieces of our own equipment through here for training and demonstration purposes for our own team members as well as for customers and partners. 
"The Matrix" conference room divides into 3 smaller rooms with easy-to-move whiteboard-walls. It has an integrated audio/video system that makes large conference calls and presentations much more effective for everyone. In the picture you're seeing less than a third of the room. The building visible on the right are our neighbors and 
Here's another one of those soft-seating collaboration areas that I just love. 


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