Monday, June 6, 2016

Utah Rocks!

Snowbird just recently closed after 180+ days of skiing! Every season is a great time to be outdoors in Utah. Each one has different activities to offer. I love Spring & Summer because the rocks are exposed and ripe for hiking, biking and climbing. This past Memorial Day Weekend was a fantastic opportunity to get out on Utah rocks. My colleague in Finance, Matt, went on a camping trip to Moab with a group of friends to explore the beautiful southern Utah landscape. He said,
It’s hard to believe, but 300 million years ago this desert was covered by an ocean. After the sea evaporated it left behind 1,000 feet of salt, which over time was covered by debris. The unstable salt base led to the formation of some amazing mountain terrains. 
While Matt in Arches National Park, I was not far away myself doing some mountain biking and rock climbing at Sand Flats, Copper Ridge, and elsewhere. Here are some pics . . .
Matt captured this picture of the famous Three Gossips formation
Matt at the iconic Delicate Arch 
Matt and the amazing vistas of Arches National Park
One of my friends making his way up the famous Slick Rock mountain bike trail
An early morning ride with friends on the Dinoflow Trail below Copper Ridge at Klondike Bluffs 
Rock climbing with my son 
Me on belay

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