Monday, June 13, 2016

Project Vista: T-30

We're actually slightly less than 30 days away from moving in to our new building at Draper's Vista Station! Just a couple of days ago I had a chance to walk through the space with a handful of colleagues for a 1st hand preview. I took UTA bus F514 from our Draper Lone Peak office to the Draper Frontrunner train & bus station, which is right next door to our new building. I'm sure I'll be taking that route again in the future. It was exciting and impressive to see the new space in-person! Here are the pictures I took . . .

The tour crew getting safety gear & briefing at the General Contractor's trailer-office
The front - A 3rd flagpole is coming and our time capsule will be buried in between them
Can you see the gray conduit in the dirt? That's for the EV (Electric Vehicle) charging stations
The concrete pad next to the trash bins on the southeast corner of the building is for our bike shelter
South end of the building - Note the patio area outside of the Cafe as well as the loading dock
The loading dock and back side of the building
Back side of the building and employee entrance to the Fitness Center
Retaining wall behind our building right below the UTA Frontrunner train tracks
One of the smoking shelters
The lobby as viewed from the balcony above
The 3 large training rooms that combine into 1 really large room
The "Hands-0n Product Training" room
One of several server & networking rooms
The Fitness Center & doors into the attached locker rooms
View into the Fitness Center before frosting is applied to the glass 
One of the men's restrooms
One of the drinking fountains with built-in water bottle filling stations
The new Cafe!
Our new salad bar
Cooking and prep areas for the Cafe
View of the ceiling - A mix of open & closed/dropped designs
Stairs down into the lobby from the 2nd floor
One of several cool wall treatments
Large training room that splits in half with lots of glass & writeable surfaces
Moveable wall in the large training room - Note the writeable surface
One of the break areas in the center of each floor - Note the polished concrete floors
One of the soft-seating areas - Note the carpet in the workspaces
View across the office space
Dana by one of the Supervisor workstations
Tall frosted glass that doubles as a whiteboard at one of the Engineering workstations
Lots of small, portable whiteboards
Nice small conference room with wall-mounted display
Coat closets
A row of employee lockers - Note the polished cement floor
Another view of a break area on one of the floors
Stephanie in the doorway of her new office
Standard office layout
Wall monitor in the workspace and great vistas behind that
Rooftop air-handling equipment for the Cafe
Some areas are still in progress, like the new Global Command Center
Me on the roof
I took UTA's F514 bus to go between the Lone Peak & Vista Station offices


  1. Was Googling results of the new building and found this. Very cool. I really liked EMC under your leadership. I miss it!

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