Monday, April 25, 2016

VEX Robotics World Championships

I had the privilege of representing EMC at the VEX Robotics World Championships in Louisville, KY this past week. It was an awesome experience. Here's a little background before I share some of the excitement . . .
  • EMC has been a supporter of VEX for years. Most notably, we donate robot kits to schools, especially where there isn't already a program in place. This includes Utah, Massachusetts, North Carolina and many other states, not to mention countries. 
  • VEX Robotics is a for-profit company owned by Innovation First International. We love the VEX platform because it is so affordable and accessible. A starter kit can be purchased for less than $500. 
  • REC (Robotics Education & Competition) Foundation is a non-profit entity which promotes STEM education, mostly through robotics. They organize many different events, the largest of which is VEX Worlds
Robotics is such a great way to promote STEM education because it is so multi-disciplinary. It involves software, hardware, mechanical engineering, system design, testing, communication, marketing, team work, project management, competition, strategy and more! At the world championships there were thousands of kids from dozens of countries. Teams compete in pairs and sometimes don't even speak the same language! It was thrilling to watch the kids collaborating, creating, competing and just having fun. Every team I talked to was engaged and excited.
EMC-sponsored Team Chile during the Parade of Nations opening ceremony
Outside of the Louisville, KY Expo Center
VEX IQ competition field
Team Chile & their EMC-sponsored robot
Cool license plate on the Team Chile robot - Play on Spanish work for "success" and the "ito" suffix as a term of endearment
Practice fields for the larger VEX robots
The other, younger team from Chile
Team from Davis High School in Utah
Robot from Utah State University
One of many giant, overhead scoreboards
Partner Hall of Fame - EMC logo lower left corner
A virtual sea of teams from different states and countries
Selfie with EMC-sponsored North Carolina team
Another team from North Carolina
So cool to see the EMC logo on competition fields and elsewhere
One of the EMC-sponsored teams in action on the competition field

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  1. So glad you got to experience the VEX World Championship! VEX Robotics has been big part of my son's life for the past 5 years and there is nothing quite like Worlds. Utah is a very strong region for VEX and training some great young engineers and programmers. We saw that demonstrated again this year when 4 of 5 of the high school division final rounds included Utah teams. Thanks to EMC2 for the support!