Monday, March 14, 2016

What is an EMC Center of Excellence?

The Utah operations of EMC are considered a Center of Excellence (COE) for the company. Here's some detail on what that actually means . . .

First and foremost, a COE is a community of diverse people coming together to meet the goals of the company, typically within relatively close geographic proximity. Sometimes the diversity extends to the functions performed by the teams (e.g., Utah), or the products and technologies they work on, but sometimes the teams are highly specialized around a particular function (e.g., Durham, North Carolina). In every case, the diversity comes through the people themselves. Following are some of the different functions in Utah:
  • Cloud operations 
  • Consulting
  • Hardware engineering
  • Managed services
  • Project management
  • Quality assurance
  • Sales
  • Software engineering
  • System administrators
  • Technical support
  • Technical writing

Second, a COE implies a globally-consistent operating model which supports the local employee teams in the broader context of the company. This includes things like local management and critical infrastructure (facilities, IT, security, etc.). This operating model allows different business units to expand quickly and with minimal risk. There is a cross-charge mechanism based on space used (seats or labs) that leverages the economies of scale offered by the shared infrastructure and shared services. Those services may include:
  • Community involvement
  • Customer & partner briefings
  • Employee engagement
  • Finance
  • Government relations
  • Human resources
  • Recruiting
  • Risk management
  • Training
  • University relations

While the Utah COE is functionally diverse, there are also two areas of specialization: 1) the ability to perform work for state and federal government agencies in the United States, and 2) the ability to speak in the language of many of our customers and partners around the globe. Yes, Utah has a lot of multi-lingual people

Most of the COE's at EMC have some form of government incentive associated with their operation. This could be at the city, state or even country level. In Utah, we get tax rebates based on meeting certain job growth and wage requirements. 

EMC has several other Centers of Excellence around the globe:

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