Monday, March 21, 2016

EMC Customer Service in Utah

EMC's expansion in Utah roughly 5 years ago started with a team of about 100 Customer Service professionals. Since then, we've grown to a much more functionally diverse group of over 1,200 people, but Customer Service is still one of the biggest teams. The functions in that team are actually quite broad. Following are some of the Customer Service roles in EMC Utah and a few details about each:
  • Technical Support Service Engineer - Highly specialized technician who responds to customer problems as they occur and resolves them remotely over phone, chat, web, email, etc. The request for help may be initiated by a person or by one of our systems. Their specialization may be in a particular EMC product (e.g., Isilon, XtremIO, Data Domain) and/or a more general technology (e.g., networking, databases, operating systems). A variation on this role is a Designated Support Engineer where the technician works on one or two named customer accounts. 
  • Workflow Manager - A manager with technical skills who spends their days helping the Engineers above and balancing the workload across a team. 
  • Remote Proactive Upgrade Engineer - A technician who responds to requests for changes that are not usually as critical as the reactive ones above and which can be performed remotely via a secure connection. This usually means software upgrades or patches that need active monitoring or scheduling around customer activities. 
  • Customer Engineer - A technician who spend most of their time "in the field" helping customers on-site for work that can't be done remotely. They work in close coordination with our Scheduling & Dispatch Agents as well as the Technical Support Service Engineers.  
  • Customer Service Technician - The first point of contact for customers who reach out to us. While not the technical problem solvers, they know about the breadth of our products and how to best categorize, prioritize and direct the problem to the right Technical Support Service Engineer. 
  • Scheduling & Dispatch Agent - These are the masters of complex coordination between our customers, their equipment, our Customer Engineers and the physical parts that are often required onsite, wherever EMC equipment might reside. They need to know about schedules, access controls, skills, bills of materials, operating procedures, and many other things required to address problems that can't be resolved remotely. 
  • Account Service Representative - Very similar to our Scheduling & Dispatch Agents, but they are more proactive in their approach. They work closely with the Sales & Service account teams to make sure things run smoothly. They ensure that all customer information is up-to-date (contracts, contacts, equipment, etc.). 
  • Customer Service Advocate - Working in partnership with Account Executives on our sales team, a CSA specializes in Customer Service activity for a small set of customers. They are often the go-to resource when other EMC'ers want to understand a customer's overall technology landscape, not to mention a particular issue. Because of their customer-specific knowledge they can often anticipate problems and address them proactively.
  • Root Cause Analyst Technical Writer - When complex problems occur that require further follow-up with our engineering teams, a root cause analysis is usually performed. The Escalation Manager usually engages an RCA Tech Writer to assist in this process. They are experts at taking complex, highly technical language and making it clear and concise for everyone to understand.  
  • Escalation Manager - The "quarterback" for resolution of the most complex technical problems that have additional visibility or sensitivity. They are master communicators and coordinators that are calm under the most stressful of situations. While they work across a broad range of products, they are usually surprisingly deep in their technical knowledge. Their greatest value, however, is rallying the right team to solve the problem rather than trying to solve it themselves.
  • eServices Tools Team - We employ a variety of systems to accomplish the work of customer service, including the tools that customers use without any direct, real-time involvement with our team. This includes the community forum where customers interact with each other as well as the online knowledge bases and self-services tools available at These teams develop, administer and provide content to these tools. 
  • Managers, Supervisors, etc. for all of the above
As you can see, we're anything but a typical "call center." In addition to the functions above, there are specialized skills and attributes that set our EMC Utah Customer Service team apart from others: 
See the Customer Service area on for more details on the above, plus a whole lot more! 

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