Monday, February 29, 2016

Utah Chocolate Makers

I continue to be genuinely intrigued and somewhat surprised by the chocolate-making scene in Utah. Here are my favorites:
    Art Pollard of Amano
  • Coleman & Davis - One of the newest. They're not so presumptuous that they don't sell other products in their retail store Taste. One of their differentiators is the use of innovative technology to monitor and control the factory. If you haven't listened to Phil Davis share his tasting notes about different chocolates or vinegars, you haven't really lived as a chocolate lover.  
  • Ritual - Based at altitude in Park City. They specialize in small and simple batches. 
  • Amano - Tech entrepreneur and physicist turned chocolate-maker Art Pollard has been around the block and the world. Art and his chocolate are perhaps the most well-known in the state. 
  • Millcreek - Born from Dana's coffee-roasting business, this artisan shop sources their cacao mostly from Ecuador. They are a local favorite. 
  • New factory at Coleman & Davis
  • Solstice - The Querry's have created very tasty second careers for themselves. They produce their chocolate in a 100% solar-powered, no waste facility. The bars come in recyclable and re-sealable packaging. 
  • Durci - Also very new and one that I missed when I first posted this. Eric used Crio Bru as his launchpad. Interestingly, his father worked at Russell Stover, but the Durci focus is quality, not RS quantity. 
There are others that I'm less familiar with, like The Chocolate Conspiracy, and probably several that I don't even know about. I'm also specifically excluding candy-making and chocolate-dipping companies like V, Kara or Hatch's.

Also interesting is Mezzo which makes gourmet drinking chocolate!

In my opinion, there are several reasons for this chocolate phenomenon in Utah:
  • It is a "healthy" vice for a community that prides itself in moderation & conservatism 
  • There is a very supportive ecosystem, most notably Caputo's
  • There have been several spin-off's & break-ups
  • They provide inspiration to each other
Mmm . . . melting Millcreek 
The one & only Ritual HQ 
One of several Ritual products


  1. Don't forget Hatch Family Chocolates, , They constantly win awards for everything from their Hot Chocolate to their Ice Cream, but their chocolates is really what sets them apart

  2. Thanks for the comment! I certainly didn't forget the Hatch Family. Notice the mention in the 2nd paragraph along with V & Kara. I was simply focusing on the pure chocolate makers (e.g., "bean-to-bar"). Is there anyone else you think I should add?

  3. Great post on Utah bean-to-bar chocolate! I LOVE chocolate made in Utah and recently received a whole box of bean-to-bar chocolates from a friend who was visiting the state. I wrote about them on my chocolate blog ( - it was just such a nice gift to receive. I haven't yet tasted Coleman & Davis or Solstice, but am looking forward to it as I've heard a lot about both.

  4. Thanks for the fun post! As a huge chocolate lover and EMCer, I had to share a fun EMC Utah-chocolate connection - Just a block from the EMC Sandy Office is the Cacao Group, a chocolate factory where Utah Truffles and Amber Lyn chocolates (sugar-free Belgium chocolate) are made, among others. Needless to say, I frequent there quite a bit on lunch breaks! :)

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