Monday, February 15, 2016

Intermountain Healthcare

Intermountain Healthcare is a world-class health system and the largest one in Utah. They have significant influence in the Silicon Slopes community and across the state, not only because of the health services they offer and the jobs they have created, but also because of their general leadership in many different arenas. My perspective is also influenced by my wife and sister who are Registered Nurses and have worked at Intermountain. I've also had many personal experiences with other employees, doctors, nurses, etc.. I currently serve on the Foundation Board for the Urban South Region for Intermountain Healthcare. Following are a few details by way of introduction to this impressive organization . . .
  • Background
    • Largest employer in the state with ~40,000 employees and 1,400+ physicians
    • 27 "service areas" in Utah and 1 in Idaho with 22 hospitals and 185+ clinics
    • Mission: Helping people live the healthiest lives possible
    • Mormon Church history: Intermountain Healthcare was established in 1975 when The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints donated its then 15-hospital system to the community
    • Not-for-profit status
  • Major expansion project at Utah Valley Regional Medical Center in Provo, Utah
    • $400+ million investment
    • 470,000 sqft of patient space in a new, 12-story tower
    • New healing garden and community center
    • Other major renovations, improvements and additions
    • Planned for completion in 2019
From an information technology perspective, Intermountain has made huge strides over the years. I don't know everything about their IT strategy, but I am familiar with their Transformation Lab, which helps develop and showcase innovative technologies in partnership with high-tech start-ups, among others.

Recently I had a personal experience during a bout with bronchitis that degraded into pneumonia. The shiny, new clinic in Draper is only minutes from my home. I got in for a visit quickly with minimal wait time in the lobby. The service was friendly and efficient. They performed an on-site chest x-ray and had the results available for me and my physician almost instantaneously. They provided some immediate treatment in the office and then sent me home with a prescription which I filled at the pharmacy around the corner. It was as pleasant an experience as you could hope for while being sick. Thankfully, I am fully recovered now.

As mentioned above, Intermountain has many levels of community partnership. In addition to their formal programs, I've seen them actively involved in organizations like the Ronald McDonald House, Utah Food Bank and Utah Clean Air (UCAIR). They are an impressive and valuable fixture in the Silicon Slopes!

Rendering of the new Utah Valley Regional Medical Center coming to Provo, Utah in 2019


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