Monday, November 2, 2015

EMC Employee Circles in Utah

EMC promotes diversity, inclusion, employee engagement and community involvement in a variety of ways, but my favorite way is something we call our Employee Circles. We have formal groups of employees who share a common trait or interest that come together to help each other and those around them, both inside and outside the company. They don't just promote their particular area of interest, they make good things happen. We depend on them heavily to sponsor and organize activities for our employees, whether they're in the circles or not. In Utah there are four circles that have been formed:
  • ELLIT - EMC Latin Leadership Interest Team
  • ELGBTA - EMC Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Advocates
  • WLF - Women's Leadership Forum
  • VeTS - Veterans and Their Supporters
The VeTS circle is the biggest in the country. While our ELGBTA circle is still small, I'm encouraged by the fact that a similar group at nearby eBay is even bigger than the same eBay group in California. Our WLF circle is the biggest one of the four for us locally, and comprised of more than women. The ELLIT circle is the one that formed first. They are a fun and vibrant group that includes many Latin natives as well as wanna-be's like me.

As an example of the good things they do, . . . this year all four circles are combining to do an "EMC Gives Back" community event that gathers food, clothing and hygiene kit supplies to benefit multiple local charities:

In the middle of the charitable push they're also organizing a Santa Saturday for our employees and their children. One of our employees is a real Kris Kringle doppelganger!

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