Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Hunting, Hiking & Camping in the Utah Backcountry

This past Thursday & Friday was the Utah Education Association's Expo for public school teachers. Many kids were out of school as a result, including mine. The UEA Expo typically coincides nicely with the opening of the rifle deer hunt. To be clear, I'm not a hunter, but my in-laws are. They have a long tradition of hunting near Windy Pass in the Wasatch Mountains. I do love hiking and camping, however, so I was happy to join them along with two of my boys.
Lots of bones below Lightning Peak
My kind of hunting is looking for wildlife or other signs, like the sun-bleached bones above. It might have something to do with my mostly vegetarian diet over the last 10+ years. I'm a self-described "nature lover." About 25 years ago I did go hunting and had the experience of shooting, killing, cleaning, processing and eating a deer. So I do have some firsthand knowledge upon which I've crafted my beliefs and practices.
Large bull moose about 10 yards off the Great Western Trail
The fall colors aren't quite as vivid as they were during my Massachusetts childhood, but they were still beautiful. I especially love the contrast of the yellow aspens and red maples against the deep green pines. We took the long way home through Shingle Mill and encountered some heavy rain. I found myself wishing it was snow. It won't be long!
Descending in the rain at the top of Shingle Mill

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