Thursday, October 8, 2015

EMC Project Vista Steel Top-Off

Yesterday was a big day for EMC Utah! Several team members and I were at the Project Vista construction site to witness the placement of the last steel beam on EMC Utah's newest building in Draper. The ceremony was short and sweet, but I know that this will have a long-lasting impact well into the future.

In the week leading up to the steel top-off, we displayed the Project Vista steel beam in the lobby of EMC's current building in Draper. By the time the ceremony came, it seemed there was no more room for anyone to sign their name! It was great to see the employees wanting to leave their mark as part of this milestone.

Final Steel Beam Display
EMC Employee Signatures
Utah sure provided us with some perfect Fall weather during our ceremony. The skies were blue, there was a slight breeze and the temperature was a perfect 70 degrees. Our pleasant four seasons and general great weather is another selling point for the Silicon Slopes! EMC isn't the only large tech company building buildings in Utah. The scene along Utah's main highway, I-15 used to be surrounded with vast amounts of land and is now a scene of steel structures. As an example, you can see Thumbtack's new building in the photo below, just down the street from ours. eBay's big building is right in front of that. I am so excited for the future of the Utah tech scene!

Before the topping off. Note Thumbtack & eBay in the background.
Getting ready to hoist the beam and the ceremonial tree. South Mountain in the background.
The beam in the air!
Workers placing the steel beam.
Beam is secured!
The tradition of "topping-off" or "topping-out" is a custom that started in Scandinavia around 700 A.D.  Historians believe that the ancient tribes tradition of placing a tree above their homes began as a way for them to appease the tree spirits for killing the trees. As iron and steel replaced timber as primary building materials, iron workers over the years have carried on the tradition. 

Placing the Evergreen tree. 
A handshake for completion!
Project Vista as of October 7, 2015


  1. Can't wait! My team will be moving to this building (or so the rumors have indicated) and i think it is going to be awesome!

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