Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Utah mountains: More than Silicon

Of course, the tech scene is booming here in Utah, but the beautiful thing about it is the backdrop. Here are a few snapshots of recent adventures, basically in my backyard . . .

Mount Timpanogos summit
I usually hike Mount Timpanogos 3-4 times each year, sometimes in the winter, but mostly in the summer and fall. I prefer the Timpooneke Trail even though it is slightly longer than the Aspen Grove Trail. A normal time for me is about 2 hours to the summit and 1.5 hours back down. I almost never slide down the glacier on the east slope because I don't like to bring much with me to slide on and there always seems to be a rock or two hiding in the ice. It is an extra treat to run into mountain goats somewhere along the trail and wildflowers in the upper meadows, not to mention friends at the summit shack!

The window in my office literally looks right up at Lone Peak. So hiking it has become almost a necessity a few times each year. It is a longer, steeper hike than Timp and amazingly diverse. I prefer going up the Cherry Logging Trail and then connecting over to Trail of the Eagle to get to Outlaw Cabin and then proceeding from there to the final cirque and up the summit ridge. I love the fresh spring water along the way, the towering pines, the sheer granite walls and the general lack of foot traffic. Hiking with my wife is a nice bonus. I've been up there recently with other friends and co-workers. I often take a dog or two. But I'm also perfectly happy to do a solo jaunt to test my fitness or clear my mind.

Lone Peak summit
There are countless other places that are equally spectacular and even more accessible. Bells Canyon is one of those places. The trailhead is about 20 minutes from our office and about 10 minutes from my home. The trail continues well past the falls and up toward Pfeifferhorn and other remote peaks and valleys.

Bells Canyon Falls
There are even more remote places just beyond the Wasatch range, most notably the Uinta Mountains. It is vastly beautiful and beautifully vast. One of my favorite places to go is the Crystal Lake Trailhead for easy access to a handful of beautiful alpine lakes (Marjorie, Island, Long, Duck, etc.).

Near Crystal Lake
Regardless of the season, the mountains of Utah are the perfect place to recreate and rejuvenate via bike, boot, hoof, ski, snowmobile, ATV, RV, car or whatever! The fact that a valley full of technology sits at the foot of the mountains means I get more time in either or both places and less time in transit. I love it! - VC

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  1. Sounds like a hike I should do next time I am out there - thanks for your "sloping" rambles - Marc Burckin